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Business valuation means estimating a company’s market value.

Regardless of size or industry, an accurate valuation offers a clear perspective on your company’s financial health and growth potential.

Our valuation process covers various aspects, including financial structure, growth potential, industry-specific risks and market positioning. We take into consideration every variable so that our clients can get accurate and thorough valuations.


There will always be someone willing to sell or rent out a property, and someone else who wants the respective property. The main problem in this relationship is price fairness, a problem that just disappears when our team is brought into play.

We provide a range of complex real estate services throughout the transaction. To give you the most realistic estimate, we use data obtained from the market, as well as from other official sources.


Hosting virtual registered offices

Communicating with the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF), the National Trade Registry Office (ONRC) or other authorities

Maintaining the relationship with the Labour Inspectorate and other government bodies: the National House of Public Pensions and Social Security (CNPAS), the National Health Insurance House (CNAS), the National Employment Agency (ANOFM), etc.

Tax inspection assistance

Tax certificates

Inspection assistance

VAT return assistance

VAT returns

Other accounting-financial services

Other services we provide:

Special services

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