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The financial consulting services we provide are a crucial part of the process of making investment or financing decisions.

During challenging times, companies need suggestions when it comes to the business they finance or run.

Our team has extensive experience in financial performance analysis and as a result we are able to offer suggestions for improving performance.


Our tax advisory services are designed to give our clients the peace of mind they need in a tax landscape that is constantly changing.

Our goal is to become trusted partners who contribute to the financial success of the businesses we work with. This is a very complex area that requires careful consideration from a professional. That is why we provide this service, giving you the chance to work with the best team in order to be able to gain a clear insight into your current accounting and tax obligations.


Swan Equity offers legal assistance and consulting services through the lawyers we collaborate with. We deliver integrated services that cover all the legal aspects of your business.

By combining specific legal expertise with the concern for the safeguarding of our clients’ interests, this collaboration was set up for your benefit, as it brings you integrated advisory services, as well as specialized services for all the legal issues you might encounter. Our mission is to make it easier for you to comply with the whole regulatory framework.

Together, by our focus on preventive consulting, we aim to reduce risks for your business, including administrative, civil, offence or crime-related, risks to which the economic environment is increasingly exposed, by giving particular consideration to the diverse nature of the activities carried out and the growing rigor of authorities.


Consulting services

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