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This range of services is one of our assets and we make it available to our clients.


Our team is well prepared in this respect, in terms of both legislation and accounting, and has always kept abreast of the latest legislative amendments.

On top of that, we deliver bookkeeping services that are tailored based on the client’s development level and business profile.

Last but not least, we do tax calculations and fill out tax returns.


Today, businesses of all sizes are increasingly exposed to new tax changes.

What is recommending us? Our experience and solid know-how in this area are the guarantee that our clients will have their taxes managed efficiently. Economic competition is currently  rather strong, and as a result your business needs a well-informed expert able to come up with legal solutions when it comes to complying with tax-related requirements.


Staff management is neither easy, nor something to be ignored, but we are ready to assist you in this regard.

We permanently inform our clients of the latest developments in terms of taxes and salary-related contributions, employment law, and also do payroll calculations promptly and accurately.

We guarantee that the services provided by our team will result in a significant improvement of the payroll and staff management process.


Discover the benefits of digital accounting.

Easy document transmission, rapid access to the company’s status via a dedicated application and efficient management of financial resources.

Take advantage of the full transparency and control over financial information, freeing up valuable time in order to focus on the growth and success of your business.



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