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About us

Swan Equity was established with the goal of adding greater value to our services. We decided to integrate the long experience gained at Contardin into a larger project that caters to the companies’ current needs.

With its dedicated team of financial professionals, Swan Equity stands out by providing tailored solutions focused on financial optimization. Our steadfast commitment and level of expertise are reflected in our thorough approach to the clients’ needs, ensuring they receive top-notch services in this sector.

Swan Equity, in partnership with Contardin, provide a comprehensive range of services focused on maximizing financial efficiency.

Our diverse range of clients include limited liability companies, self-employed, companies of various sizes, from small-size enterprises to multinationals, as well as family businesses. Relying on our extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the clients’ needs, we are committed to providing tailored and innovative solutions in order to optimize the financial resources of your business.

Who are we?

Contardin was founded in 2002 as a family business, its initial focus being on providing high-quality accounting services. We had a cautious approach in the beginning, but once we had clearly defined our goal, we quickly became an industry player committed to continuous improvement in order to develop our unique identity.

Swan Equity was incorporated in 2023, with the goal of evolving and introducing innovative services and with a focus on financial optimization and strategic business valuation.

By putting together the know-how of the two companies, we aim to deliver comprehensive and tailored services. Financial optimization is now a strong foundation in our business philosophy, and our ongoing commitment is to provide solutions that maximize efficiency and contribute to our partners’ long-term success.

One of our key characteristics is our openness to clients, as we welcome them like in a family, willing to understand their business as much as possible in order to deliver services that best meet their needs.

Our history

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